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I'm Lauren and I'm a wedding and portrait photographer based in Indianapolis, Indiana. 

For as long as I can remember, I have loved photography. I was always that girl who brought her camera with her everywhere, driving my friends and family a little bit crazy with my impromptu photoshoots and need to document anything and everything. 

During the week, I'm work in Indianapolis and manage press and media needs at the statehouse, and my weekends are full of photographing amazing couples, loving on my boyfriend and chihuahua, and exploring new breweries with friends . I'm a big believer in being happy, saying yes to new adventures, and being in love with life.

I've been photographed over 60 weddings in the past two years as a second photographer for a wedding photographer in Texas. I recently moved from Houston, Texas to Indianapolis and decided to begin my own wedding photography company. 


dogs, coffee, "This is Us," patios with string lights, traveling, happiness, my boyfriend, reading, and exploring.